Guy Goes Outside To Film Lighting Storm, Almost Gets Struck

August 24, 2017


Note: Watch your volume, lightning strike fifteen feet from camera.

This is a video of Daniel Modøl filming a lightning storm outside his home in Gjerstad, Norway when lightning strikes just fifteen feet from where he's standing. You can actually see and hear chunks of dirt and stone falling from where the lightning hit the concrete slab next to his deck. Clearly, God is trying to send this man a message. And that message is REPENT -- REPENT FOR YOUR SINS, DANIEL. Plus send GW all your money, he'll take care of the rest he has a line straight to me in heaven and any communication should be directed towards him. Also, please stop contacting him about refunds for botched miracles, it's not an exact science and if it didn't work out the way you hoped you probably didn't tithe enough in the first place.

Keep going for the video, but remember the volume thing unless you want to launch yourself out of your office chair.

Thanks to Joanna, who agrees Daniel better pay up, because God only gives one warning shot.

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