Flute Beatboxing And Cello Cover Of The Game Of Thrones Theme

August 22, 2017


Wow, two beatboxing videos in two days -- what are the odds?! "Shut up." Okaaaaay. This is a video of flutist and beatboxer Jacklandstreet and cellist Thillman Benham (I've never been ham before but I was a turkey in a Thanksgiving school play once) performing the Game Of Thrones theme. DETAILS:

The flute and cello were recorded live at the magnificent undercroft of Baltimore's Cathedral of the Incarnation. With high arches and stone architecture, this hall sends us back to a medieval era when dragons roamed. Armored in dragon scalemail, Jack takes on the visage of a Targaryen knight.

Ah yes, Jack did dress up for the occasion, didn't he? Me? I never dress up for any occasion and usually don't meet the dress code requirements for the places I'm going. Whatever, it's not like I needed to go to my sister's wedding reception anyways.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jackie, who agrees there should have been way more fire and dragons.

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