First Person POV Video Of A Drag Racer Rolling His Car At 250MPH

August 23, 2017


This is a video of David Tremayne rolling his drag racer at 250MPH while attempting to break the UK's land-speed record. David peaked at 296.6MPH (still several MPH short of the record) before decelerating and swerving (you're not supposed to turn!), flipping his vehicle. Thankfully, David was only bruised by the incident and was cleared by paramedics to attempt the record again. Although, if I were him, I'd retire from speeding and take up gardening or bingo. Something with way less 'YOU'RE GONNA DIE' written all over it. And speaking of something with 'YOU'RE GONNA DIE' written all over it -- my bathroom mirror. Did you do that? Because it wasn't funny. Just kidding I thought it was hilarious but my girlfriend has a different sense of humor and says she's never sleeping over again.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Hank, who agrees the key to setting a new land-speed record is doing it in the country with the lowest one.

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