'Driverless' Van Spotted Driving Around D.C. Area, Actually A Guy Dressed As A Car Seat

August 7, 2017


This is a video of NBC Washington transportation reporter Adam Tuss trying to interview a man who's been driving a van around Arlington, Virginia dressed as a car seat (possibly inspired by that fast food drive-through prank). Apparently the seat had no interest in being interviewed. Honestly, it's just nice to know there are still some people out there doing God's work.

UPDATE: Apparently this man is participating in a study being conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute about of how people react to driverless cars, and was supposed to be doing what he was doing, which was being a car seat.

Keep going for the unsuccessful interview, complete with classic lines like "Brother -- who are you?" "What are you doing?" and "I'm with the news, dude."

Thanks to Marcus O, who just realized what he's going to be for Halloween this year.

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