Dog Staring Intently At Squirrel Video On Tablet Screen

August 25, 2017


This is 'Squirrel Is Life', a video of a golden retriever intently watching a squirrel video on a tablet computer while resting its front end on a futon. So like, is it safe to view a tablet screen that close? Because I grew up playing Nintendo sitting like eight inches away from the television and now I'm cross-eyed and can only see in the dark. Which is great for playing hide and seek with the cats and going to the bathroom at night without turning any lights on, but sucks for absolutely everything else. Also, FULL DISCLOSURE: sometimes I do still accidentally pee in the hamper.

Keep going for the video of what is clearly the best channel on DogTV.

Thanks to lizzy, who heard squirrel videos are like Game Of Thrones to dogs.

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