Collapsing Grain Silo Causes Dust Explosion

August 1, 2017


This is a video of a grain silo collapsing in Switz City, Indiana, causing a grain dust explosion, possibly triggered by friction or static electricity. It really got me thinking. So like, just how safe is breakfast cereal anyways? Because the last thing I need is my face exploding first thing in the morning. Unless it's Monday morning, in which case do you worst, God.

Keep going for two versions of the video in case the first doesn't work.

Thanks to Kevin S, who agrees those grains will sadly never realize their dreams of becoming Cheerios.

  • Andyman7714

    Another day at the farm? So shit like this falls over every day? May want to reassess your career.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Farming is pretty safe but the odds of a farmer dying at work are a lot higher than the odds of say... a police officer ever needing to fire his weapon on duty.

  • Deplorable Erik Dee

    Some people type really well on acid.

  • DC Madman

    It's all about oxygen to fuel ration, yes your cornflakes will explode. Grind them to a powder pack them into the end of a straw and blow them into a flame. Cornstarch is the way to go. Don't hurt yourself or burn your house down.

  • FearlessFarris

    Powdered sugar is very effective as well. Like you said, it's all about oxygen to fuel ratios. It's not uncommon for dust explosions to lead to secondary explosions in facilities without effective dust control, where dust has been allowed to accumulate on flat surfaces. The first explosion kicks up that dust, which creates the condition for a secondary explosion and so on.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Submitted for the approval of the midnight society...

    Grain explosions used to be alarmingly common. In general it's a pretty serious risk that a farmer must be insured for and must take special precautions to avoid. Granted this was structural failure. I sort of wonder what caused the initial issues.

  • FearlessFarris

    The bin may have been improperly loaded and unloaded. Or, moisture from condensation could have collected in the bin, leading to crusting or "bridging" of the product's top layer. Either condition would lead to uneven weight loads on the inside walls of the bin, thereby creating the fold in the bin wall. From there, it's a slippery slope to complete bin failure.

  • Irina Abramovich

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  • Talon184

    Too bad it wasn't filled with popcorn

  • TheQiwiMan

    That's some high octane grain!

  • The_Wretched

    Grain dust goes boom....not like paper in a hydroponic press.

  • Bling Nye

    That silo really blew its load.

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