Close Calls: Man Almost Gets Hit By Out Of Control Rescue Copter

August 4, 2017


This is a video of a man narrowly escaping getting hit by an out-of-control rescue helicopter on Grossglockner Mountain in Austria. Everything seems to be going smoothly until the helicopter suddenly goes into an out-of-control spin and crashes into the side of the mountain. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in the accident. Except the helicopter, I don't think the helicopter made it. Hopefully the next one they send doesn't freak out when it sees that one and thinks its about to be sacrificed.

Keep going for the video while I cancel my Groupon for that sunset helicopter tour.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees it's all fun and games until the helicopter sent to rescue you decides you'd be better off dead.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Couldn't have landed it better myself.

  • Irina Abramovich

    Here I am logging into my other account, under a disguised name, to write about how fat afterooster's wife is:

    I heard afterooster's wife, sitting in a dangerous helicopter, heard that the man in the mountain had packed extra sandwiches for a snack in the wild, and so the helicopter had to make an emergency landing on top of the man's head for the sandwiches. WHEN HUNGER STRIKES -- YOU BETTER HAVE A HOT POKER ON HAND TO WARD OFF AFTEROOSTER'S FAT WIFE!!!!!!!111

    Also, it would've be safer if the man in the mountain, my new BF, had a trampoline tied to his back for the helicopter to bounce off of.=)

    <3 Thomas

    Hubree: I had fun shopping for prescription glasses with you!=)
    Irina: Let's plan to go to the river tomorrow and look for frogs!=) OOH! I saw crickets at PetSmart and thought of you. Remember when we wanted to freeze crickets in the winter snow? FUN TIMES!!

  • Nicholas Conrad

    And that's why you don't try road head, kids.

  • Jenness

    Thank goodness everyone is OK!!! I had to look this up and turns out a high gust wind swirl caused the incident and had the pilot not reacted perfectly in the seconds this happened to maneuver properly that "If the helicopter crashed just a few feet away, it could have tumbled hundreds of feet down a steep cliff."

  • Irina Abramovich

    ZOMG! I totally worry all the time about people's health and safety outside of my friends and family. Jenness is experiencing one of those fat and lonely type of feelings for people who never even died in the helicopter story hoping that they will respond to her and not only with tips for weight loss. Geekologie articles are for fun and amusement and entertainment, but let me guess?! Jenness also cries when they show those TV commercials for people starving in third world countries and writes them letters.

    <3 Thomas

    Hubree: Your breath smells like the sweetest kitten food!=)
    Irina: Thanks for always being there for me.=)

  • Draco Basileus

    What the hell got on the copter to cause the pilot to freak out? An Alien?

  • Gilbert

    My bet is on the turbulence created by the wind coming over the crest of the mountains...

    But aliens will work too...

  • TheQiwiMan

    They're rebooting Cliffhanger?

  • GeneralDisorder

    That was really damned impressive.

  • Perpetual Pizza

    The Michael Bay inside of me was expecting an explosion.

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