Chinese Restaurant Under Fire For Offering Discounts To Women Based On Bra Size

August 8, 2017


The Trendy Shrimp restaurant in Hangzhou, the main city of coastal Zhejiang province in China, has recently come under fire due to public outrage stirred by advertisements offering discounts to women based on bra size (previously: the Osaka, Japan hotel bar that offers discounts based on the height of a woman's heels). An A-cup patron scores a 5% discount, while a bra-busting G-cup receives a mountainous 65% discount. Obviously, I just called my mom and had her sew me a Q-cup sized bra (she used a piece of bent rebar for the underwire), which I plan on stuffing and wearing with a wig to eat free for the next year.

Thanks to Richard L, for pointing out that even in my current state I'd probably still qualify for the 15% discount.

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