Bro On His Back Pushed By Golf Cart While Another Bro Surfs Him, Pours A Beer In His Mouth

August 16, 2017


Because bros will be bros, this is a video of a guy laying on his back being pushed by a golf cart while another guy surfs him and pours a cold one in his mouth. It's arguably the bro-est thing I've seen so far this week, and hopefully remains that way.

"A few buddies and I were golfing at one of the local courses, the group ahead of us were moving very slow so while we were waiting on them I came up with the idea. We took a few practice laps down the fairway then got out the beers and camera and made this masterpiece."

Now I know what you're thinking, and same, I was hoping ol' red shirt was going to get run over by the cart like a Star Trek engineer too. It didn't happen though. Still, it's only a matter of time till somebody recreates the same stunt with much more disastrous results. And on that day, we will Youtube. I might even create an account so I can comment.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MSA, who was really hoping the video was going to end with the bros surfing into one of those ball washing machines. I love using those.

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