'Boy & Bear': An Electronic Song Made From Winnie The Pooh

August 16, 2017


This is 'Boy & Bear,' a song made by electronic musician Pogo featuring samples from Winnie The Pooh. I liked it. Maybe you'll like it too. Or maybe you'll hate it. Do you hate me? Why do you hate me? What did I do? I wish we could just go back in time and start over. "What would you do different?" Stab you as soon as I met you. Actually...*climbs out of your computer monitor like that girl from The Ring except brandishing a knife* For Eeyore! "Nice try, but I'm reading this on my phone." But are you on the toilet? Then I'm coming through a drain like the IT clown.

Keep going for the music video.

Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees Eeyore deserved his own spinoff.

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