Awesome But Expensive: Levitating Cloud LED Lamp

August 10, 2017


This is 'Floating Cloud' a collaboration between designer Richard Clarkson and Crealev, purveyors of tabletop levitating systems. You may recall Richard's previous hanging cloud/lamp/speaker combo. Or maybe you don't, that was three years ago and nobody is going to fault you for not remembering something from that long ago. I can't even remember things I did a week ago, and I'd really appreciate if the cops would stop badgering me about it. The Floating Cloud is an approximately one foot long cloud that levitates three inches over its base and contains full-spectrum LEDs (rechargeable via USB) for a fully customizable lighting experience. While this unit doesn't contain a speaker, it can be set to pulsate to external music. Of course for $4,620 I was expecting a speaker. And holographic rain and lightning. Could you imagine having enough money to casually spend $5,000 on a lamp? That's hard for me to even fathom. I don't think I've ever spent $5,000 on anything besides making somebody disappear. "Um, what?" Nothing, nothing, if the cops call again you haven't seen me.

Keep going for a handful more shots (including one of a cat who's pretending its hardest that it's not going to bat that cloud onto the floor) and a video.






Thanks to Tiffany R, who agrees the best lamp every made isn't a lamp at all, it's the ashtray I made for my grandma in middle school pottery class.

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