Yum: Chef Recreates The 15-Flavor Taco From SNL's 'Taco Town' Parody Commercial

July 19, 2017


This is a video of chef Andrew Rea of Youtube channel Binging With Babish recreating the gigantic 15-flavor deep fried taco monstrosity from the 2005 Saturday Night Live parody commercial for Taco Town. If you're not familiar with the commercial I also included it for reference. It's worth seeing. And so is Andrew's finished product, that thing looks glorious (and he says it tasted amazing too). My mouth is watering just looking at it. And my loins, well...let's just say I felt feelings down there I haven't felt in quite some time. Specifically since I stuck myself with the 'boner enhancing' syringe I bought from a guy standing outside the liquor store. I'm pretty sure that was just quick-drying concrete.

Keep going for the videos, but skip to 5:20 in the second one for the actual cooking.

Thanks to Luc, who promised to make me one, and I have no intention of sharing.

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