Yeehaw!: Firefighter Competing In Fire Hose Rodeo

July 25, 2017


Taking a page from the Jackass playbook, this is a video of a group of firefighters in Belcourt, North Dakota holding a fire hose rodeo. Turnout doesn't appear to be that good, presumably because they forgot to print out fliers. Still, that does look like a great way to have fun, doesn't it? It also looks like a great way for my grandmother's house in Belcourt, North Dakota to burn to the ground and there not be anybody around to stop it. I hope it was worth it, hunks.

Keep going for the video as well as the one from Jackass Number Two for reference.

Thanks to Fan, who agrees there should have been way more rodeo clowns to work the crowd.

  • Trey Wilkie

    yeah there are 2 fire departments in Belcourt, ND each with a crew of 25+ so no house was burned down during this recording, also this was a test run for a event the structural fire department was working on

  • The_Wretched

    More hazing a nbe vs a Rodeo

  • Jiggy

    Its not a firefighter on the hose its a kid. Forget that someone calls him kid just look at his size

  • Trey Wilkie

    sorry that's actually a guy he is just short lol

  • Jenness

    Gotta love guys. Chicks would not do this for the most part. There is a certain hubris and lack of self-preservation it takes to be physically pioneering and extreme like this. Women would be wondering where the boss is, how much worker's compensation would pay and then calculating 'the story' to tell when inevitably someone dies so that the blame fell solely on the victim. By the time they did all that the moment would be over and it would be time to drink wine and talk about "that time we almost killed Sara"

  • steve holt

    That was quite elegant and insightful. Tip of the cap to you, madam

  • The_Wretched

    She's not going to PM you Steve.

  • TheQiwiMan
  • Jenness

    Pfft - by stating that males are powerful innovators and risk takers? I think not. Good day sir!!! (lulz)

  • TheQiwiMan

    Someone, please take the phone out of this mouth-breather's hands, turn it 90 degrees, and give it back to him.


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