World's Largest Super Soaker Is 7-Feet Long, Can Slice Watermelons, Break Glass

July 12, 2017


As a follow up to building the world's largest NERF gun, this is a video of Mark Rober building and testing the world's largest Super Soaker. This particular water gun measures 7-feet long, is powered by a tank of pressurized nitrogen instead of pumping, and can shoot a stream of water at 243MPH, which is apparently strong enough to slice a banana and watermelon in half, and break glass.'s not actually an upscaled Super Soaker, it just looks like one. I feel like that's kind of cheating, like painting a pressure washer to look like a Super Soaker. Remember the original generation Super Soaker (that looked like the one above), before they added the safety screw-off valve and attachment that prevented you from being able to build up pressure in the green reservoir, then screw it off real fast and launch it like a rocket? You aim one of those at your brother and you could get grounded for weeks. I remember I actually used to get jealous of his eyepatch.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around to just see it destroying things.

Thanks to hairless, who once filled a Super Soaker with piping hot ramen hoping to set the world record for fastest time to eat a bowl of ramen, but only burnt the roof of his mouth and clogged the gun with noodles.

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