Woopsie: Woman Uses App To Order Domino's Pizza For The First Time, Forgets Sauce, Cheese

July 18, 2017


In you did it wrong news, this is a shot of the pizza that musician BJ Stead's mom ordered when using the Domino's app for the first time. Apparently she skipped over the sauce and cheese portions of the pizza building process. Per his mother, who's had enough of this newfangled technology:

"Next time I am calling... the old fashioned way 😁"

Admittedly, that's a pretty shitty looking pizza. It's basically just giant crispy breadsticks with pepperoni on top. My mouth is getting dry just looking at it. Like when I think about pretzels or licking that mummy. "What mummy?" The one at the natural history museum. "You licked it?" The guard wasn't looking and I felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Thanks to Simon, who orders pizza the even older fashioned way: yelling out his apartment window in Naples for Giuseppe to bake him one.

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