Woman Posing For Photo At Gallery Knocks Over $200,000 Of Art

July 14, 2017


This is some security camera footage from the 14th Factory art gallery in Los Angeles of a visitor posing for a photograph in a Simon Birch exhibit when she trips and knocks over an entire row of columns displaying art. The damages were estimated at around $200,000, or only $400 if you think Simon Birch's art is all shit and only feel sorry for the dented columns.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Andrea, who agrees there's no way those columns weren't purposefully set up like that for this exact thing to happen. I smell an insurance scam.

  • sizzlepants

    Presumably, based on the setup, there's also a large "No Fatties" sign hanging outside.

    I'm built like a mop handle and I still wouldn't be comfortable walking between those rows.

  • Andyman7714

    Pfffft!!! Amateurs. I would have done it intentionally and then said "Ta Da!"

  • Michael Knight

    uhm, why not ban 'cellphies' at art shows/exhibits?

  • Dao

    Cue Steve Urkel quote.

  • CrazyUncleNicola


  • Xockszky


  • Jenness

    I smell a stunt and agree with GW

  • Oops.

  • D3Fd0ck

    In best nelson voice: Ha haa!
    *pointing finger

  • TheQiwiMan

    Actual value of damages: $0.00

  • Oswaldo Parra

    Tip: do not set your art exhibit like dominoes.

  • CountOrlock

    Or have some amount of situational awareness and don't knock them over. We make excuses for children, we shouldn't make excuses for the vast majority of adults.

  • Wiley

    An adult set that up too. I'd ask more situational awareness from the person who thought this was a fair environment to let people wander about in with fragile valuables at risk. This was waiting to happen, comically bad setup.

  • Souichirou

    The setting up of this display shows signs of VERY low IQ due to the sheer fact if anything even a slight breeze could knock it down the proprietor of such "art pieces" is only left to blame for incompetence.

    As for your comment "We make excuses for children, we shouldn't make excuses for the vast majority of adults." being a hypocrite much? You just made an excuse for negligence from proprietor of the exhibit.

    Sure the girl is at partial fault, But for an exhibition to to have its pieces placed in domino like rows with enough space for 1 person to walk between is already asking for trouble.

  • Jason Christopher

    I'm afraid any point you were trying to make will be nullified by the fact that you upvoted your own comment.

  • Souichirou

    Yes..... Cause that simply nullified general logic and common sense.... Maybe you were cut from the same cloth as CountOrlock.

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