Well That's Nice: NASA Spots A 75,000-Mile Wide Hole In The Sun

July 13, 2017


NASA recently identified an approximately 75,000-mile wide hole in the sun (wait -- if it's so big and the earth's diameter is ~8,000-miles, what's up with the scale of that graphic?), dubbed AR2665, which is a pretty boring name for a sun hole if you ask me (I would have named it Holey McHellfire). Scientists warn that the sunspot is large enough to produce solar flares and cause radiation storms that interfere with communication satellites and cause blackouts here on earth. A-ha -- so that's why my crush hasn't been texting me back. "No, you got your cell phone disconnected because you haven't paid your bill in two months." True. "Plus she doesn't like you." Also probably true. "Not probably -- just true." Ouch. The truth stings a little, you know? Like getting pricked in the chest by a speargun.

Thanks to hairless, for getting 'Black Hole Sun' stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon.

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