Video Of An Octopus Creeping Around On Land To Eat Crabs

July 25, 2017


This is a video clip from the BBC documentary series The Hunt, narrated by everybody's favorite naturist David Attenborough. "Naturalist." Whatever, if he wants to run around naked in the woods behind his house that's his business. This particular segment focuses on a unique species of octopus in Northern Australia that has adapted the ability to walk on land in search of prey during low tide. It basically creeps from tide pool to tide pool looking for crabs to eat, while all the other octopuses are stuck in the tide pool they happened to be in when the low tide came. Fascinating. So what's next -- humans evolving into merpeople? Because I am into that. Hypothetically, how long do you think a person would need to sit in a salted bathtub for that to happen? I'm asking for a guy whose fingers are already pruney.

Keep going for the video.

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