Timelapse Of Some Super Janky Teeth Being Corrected With Braces

July 14, 2017

I'm pretty sure I saw this gif as soon as gifs were invented, but it's going around the internet again so here it is. This is a timelapse of some girl with super janky teeth getting them all straightened out thanks to the marvel of modern orthodontics (or at least late 80's/early 90's orthodontics). I remember I had braces for two years when I was growing up, they sucked. Plus I made the mistake of getting green rubbers on them all so it looked like I constantly had shit stuck in my teeth. Girls don't want to kiss that. Thankfully, I was only 17 at the time so it's not like I was old enough to be kissing girls anyways. "Wait, what?" My mom said you shouldn't kiss until you're at least 24. "And how many girls have you kissed now?" I don't kiss and tell. "So zero?" Give or take a pillow with a face drawn on it.

Thanks to Gamora, for proving Guardians Of The Galaxy read Geekologie, just like I suspected.

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