Timelapse Of A Plastic Camera Dissolving In Acetone Fumes

July 25, 2017


This is a video from Youtube channel Amazing Timelapse of an old Konica camera dissolving in acetone fumes. It's not even in the juice, it's just hanging above it. Those fumes: they're powerful. No wonder they feel so good in my brain. Same goes for gasoline, unless you're my parents or doctor in which case I don't hang around gas stations anymore, I swear. "What did you just sniff?" Nothing. "Let me see that rag." It's not a rag, it's a tissue, I have boogers. "Let me see it anyways." No deal. "Wait -- is your nose bleeding?" No, it's probably just red spray paint. "What?" I mean yes it's bleeding the air is too dry here.

Keep going for the video while I go on a smelling tour of Home Depot.

Thanks to Jody, who promised to try to get me a job at a nail salon.

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