'Third Thumb' Prosthetic Adds An Additional Functional Thumb To Your Hand

July 7, 2017


This is a video demonstration of the 'Third Thumb' prosthetic designed by London's Royal College of Art grad student Dani Clode. The prosthetic attaches to your hand via a strap and is connected to a bracelet with a motor and battery that powers the movement. The gripping movement is actually controlled by a pressure sensor worn in the heel of your shoe, which is relayed to the bracelet via Bluetooth. I never thought I'd need another thumb, but now that I've watched this video I'm wondering how I've ever lived without at least three. Dani says the prosthetic was designed to "reimagine what we think of as a prosthetic -- something that adds capabilities, rather than just replacing those lost." And, presumably, confuse people as to which finger they're supposed to flip people off with now.

Keep going a video demonstration of the last thing your penis will ever feel before it's ripped off and thrown into a ceiling fan.

Thanks to Bryon, who's adding TWO additional thumbs on each hand with the hopes he becomes the most requested masseuse at the massage parlor.

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