Surfers Running And Jumping Off A Floating Dock To Catch Waves Instead Of Paddling In

July 17, 2017


SPOILER: Dude in yellow totally misses his board.

This is a worthwhile video of a group of surfers using a floating dock to run and jump off of to catch waves instead of having to paddle into them. Obviously, if I surfed waves instead of friend's couches I would much prefer this method to paddling because I want to spend as little time as possible in the water looking like shark food. I actually know a friend of a friend who was attacked by a shark while surfing in Australia. Try telling him your odds of getting struck by lightning are better.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Nipsy, who plans on being the first person to sail a floating dock around the world.

  • Perpetual Pizza

    Drone footage. Yay. Something new.

  • Andyman7714

    Doesn't look like a long term investment as it breaks up in the end.

  • HackTheGibson

    It is modular. Had it not been placed perpendicular to the wave it would have lasted longer but either way, snap it back together and you are good to go again.

  • Cape town born surfer I gotta say I'm blow away at how they solved the hardest part of learning to surf - catching a wave and paddling the wave & GETTING UP!??!??!

    One please ;)

  • TheQiwiMan

    That is probably one of the most retarded "songs" to ever have been recorded in the history of humanity.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Which song? That weird Jean-Jacques Perrey/moog song ends at 1:13.

    A pop-punk something-or-other starts about 1:22 and goes to the end.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Oh, yeah guess I should have been more specific. The first one, while indeed proudly brought to us by a Casio keyboard's Demo button, isn't that annoying. The second "song", on the other hand, made my ears bleed and I'm pretty sure it traveled back in time to murder my great grandparents and directly was the cause of the Hindenburg Disaster.

    Don't do drugs, kids.

  • GeneralDisorder
  • Draco Basileus

    Brought to you by Casio keyboards

  • FearlessFarris

    I wonder what it's made of, and how they keep it anchored in place and properly oriented to the waves.

  • The_Wretched

    There's a cable off one end. I'm guessing it's towed out by a boat. It's a bit large for the riders to have paddled the doc out.

  • Marc Veilleux

    It's a company very close to my town:
    You can see the video on their website.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    the local chamber of commerce would be proud

  • WhiteEagle2

    At 28 seconds you can see a long cable anchoring it.

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