Star Wars With Lightsaber Sounds Dubbed Over With Owen Wilson Saying 'Wow'

July 21, 2017


Just to prove that we really have reached the end of the internet, these are two videos of Star Wars lightsaber battles that have been dubbed with Owen Wilson saying 'wow' on top of all the lightsaber sound effects (well, in the first video they were completely replaced, which is better). It is hands down the dumbest thing I've seen today, not including my roommate's face. I can't believe somebody even came up with this, let alone took the time to make it a reality. I can't even find the time to brush my teeth before bed, and people are out there making Owen Wilson dubbed Star Wars lightsaber sound effect videos. "Don't blame your poor oral hygiene on this." I think one of my wisdom teeth has a worm living in it.

Keep going for the videos -- a shorter, better one and a longer, worse one.

Thanks again to hairless, for reminding me why it's good to step away from the internet every once in a while.

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