Star Trek Original Series Tiki Mugs Now Available

July 21, 2017


Remember those Star Trek: The Original Series tiki mugs that were coming soon from Geeki Tiki? Well they're no longer coming soon, they're available as a six piece set from ThinkGeek for $80. For reference, that's $13.33 (repeating of course) per mug. Not a bad deal if you're into tropical tiki drinks and Star Trek: The Original Series. The collection includes Spock, Kirk, McCoy, a Gorn, Klingon and Mugato. Obviously, I'll be drinking out of Kirk since I'm the captain of this ship. "What ship?" This spaceship we're both on. "You're in a cubicle." In a far-off galaxy?! "No, right under the A/C vent in an office building on earth." Man, you suck at playing space.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Devon, for inspiring me to create a whole menu of Star Trek inspired tiki drinks. Come get one.

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