Spike, A Stag Beetle Who Creates Art With Markers

July 10, 2017


Meet Spike. Spike is the pet stag beetle of Mandy, an English teacher in Japan. She gives him markers and he draws. Mostly squiggly lines. You can bid on original Stag art pieces on eBay but they're expensive (the first is already over $300 with more than five days left) because people are crazy and have too much money. Me? I never have enough money. It's like my wallet has a hole in it. Mostly because my wallet has a hole in it. I'd buy another one, but that costs money. It's a catch-22. My mom says I'm a catch but I know she's lying.

Keep going for a couple shots and videos of Spike creating his art and one of him dangerously wielding a knife.





Thanks to Rebecca, who belongs in a museum herself.

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