So That's What That Looks Like: When An Accordion Bus Tears Itself In Half

July 11, 2017


Note: Keep your volume in check -- apparently accordion buses don't get their name from the sound they make when they rip in half (I'm as shocked as you are). Also, skip to 0:20 if you're impatient.

This is a video from Palhoça, Santa Catarina, Brazil of an accordion bus ripping itself in half after experiencing some sort of mechanical malfunction where the front and back halves of the bus connect (hence all the people filming -- they already knew something was wrong). That looked pretty intense. I would definitely be demanding my $1.25 back. Plus some money for counseling. Sexual counseling (public transportation accidents give me erectile dysfunction).

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to NG, who agrees where the hell is Superman when you need him?

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