Robocop Enforcement Droid Recreated In LEGO

July 25, 2017


These are several shots of the Robocop Enforcement Droid Series 209 (ED-209) recreated in LEGO by builder chumuhou. As you can see unless you're a super hater, he did a fantastic job. If you are a super hater, he did a terrible job and you could do way better but you just choose not to because it's not worth your time or effort. Plus we all know you don't have the skill. Me? I have all the skills, ESPECIALLY in the bedroom. "My my!" What, no -- I'm talking about window and wall treatments. I'm a catch, ladies. "Don't listen to him, I filled his head with lies." Mom!

Keep going for a couple more shots as well as the Enforcement Droid's first scene from the movie for reference.




Thanks to Mundy, who agrees it's only a matter of time until people have miniature versions of ED-209s patrolling their property.

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