Repair Man Locks Himself In Behind ATM, Slips Customers Notes Through ATM Until Rescued

July 14, 2017


A contractor hired to replace a lock on the room that services the back of the drive-through ATM at a Bank Of America in Corpus Christi, Texas, accidentally locked himself in the room without his cell phone, and proceeded to slip ATM customers notes through the machine for the next two hours until somebody finally decided this wasn't some sort of hidden video prank and called the number he requested. See, that's the problem with the world today -- all these jerk Youtube pranksters have conditioned everyone into assuming that anytime something unusual happens, it's a prank and they're going to be the butt of some joke. And nobody wants to be the butt of anything, especially not a joke or a human centipede.

Keep going for a news report about the incident.

Thanks to FT, who wants to know how many crisp twenties he was able to smuggle out in his anus. Hopefully enough for a fake mustache and plane ticket to Mexico.

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