'Ready Player One' Got A Trailer Too

July 24, 2017


This is the trailer for Stephen Spielberg's film adaption of Ernest Cline's 'Ready Player One'. It is chock full of nostalgic references. It's also chock full of a chase scene with a monster truck and a wrecking ball in New York City. Was that Drax The Destroyer? I don't remember any of that from the book. I'm losing faith pretty quickly. I should probably just stop watching stuff like this and wait for the movie to come out. God willing, the world will end before then so I never have the chance, which I'm okay with. What's this big red button do?

Keep going for the trailer while I write Spielberg and demand a reshoot.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, for inspiring me to finish my doomsday machine before 2018.

  • Ijustsharted

    I appreciate it when the trailer lets me know up front that the film is not going to respect the book. Saves me money. I like the book, but I don't need to see this movie.

  • Wyldstaar

    The fact that the movie isn't a page for page adaptation of the novel doesn't mean that the source material isn't being respected. The screenplay was co-written by the author, which is almost unheard of. Things that can be made to feel intense in a book can seem lackluster on film. Watching Parzival and the Demilich stand in front of a Joust cabinet just isn't visually compelling, and Ernest Cline knows that.

  • Eric

    The oasis is supposed to be the most beautiul, colorful world you can imagine. All I see is dark and gritty.

  • SOFA KING EXCITED. This is my favorite book and I haven't seen something that I think will translate so perfectly into a movie in a long time. It even comes with a soundtrack straight from the book!

  • Talon184

    I literally haven't been to see a movie in over 3 years...but I'll probably leave the house to see this one because I love the source material so much. I just hope it isn't just a CGI shlock-fest without substance!

  • Draco Basileus

    The Delorean whipping through the cityscape was kind of cool. I have faith in Spielberg that this movie will be pretty awesome.

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