Nope: Rattlesnake Swims Up To Boat, Successfully Boards

July 11, 2017


Presumably filming a fan-made sequel to Snakes On A Plane, this is a video captured by Twitter user Anthony Baciocco while boating on Folsom Lake in Folsom, California after spotting a rattlesnake swimming in the water towards the boat he's on. The snake proceeds to swim around the boat looking for a place to board until it successfully slithers onto the stern swim deck while everyone screams their faces off and the captain steps on the gas jams the throttle hoping to leave the rattler in their dust wake. Thankfully for them, it's successful. Personally, I would have just let the snake on board so all my friends freak out because what they don't know is I have a vial of antivenom tucked away inside my anus that I can use if I get bitten. "And if they get bitten?" I'm not digging up there for just anybody.

Keep going for the Twitter video, as well as a Youtube version in case one doesn't work.

Thanks to Jody, who agrees Indiana Jones probably just shit his fedora.

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