My My: Woman Wears T-Rex Costume For Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot

July 7, 2017


These are a handful of shots from the t-rex themed boudoir shoot that wife-to-be Nicole Stein had taken to give to her husband prior to their July 1st wedding. Now that -- that sounds like quality wife material. My girlfriend? She is not very quality material. "That's a plastic blow-up doll." Exactly, she pops all the time. How am I supposed to marry a girl who's 80% duct tape now? It's like I'm dating a mummy from the future.

Keep going for six or eight more (technically seven) while I contact the couple to find out if they also brought the costume on their honeymoon. I need details.








Thanks to Bradley, who knows what I like, and a scantily clad dinosaur trying to eat a string of pearls is high on my list.

  • Draco Basileus

    Who's ready for a mass sex-tinction?
    Bet she likes it in the Jur-Ass-ic Park.
    Can't believe how RAPTOR-ous she looks!

    Feel free to show me the door any time.

  • Jenness

    Took me a while to realize that it even has a weird tongue. This is just so disturbing.

  • steve holt

    very f*in weird

  • Jimmy Bills

    This is incredibly lame and cringey. The t rex outfit is so over used and played out, it's like an unfunny person's way of buying comedy.

  • GrueHunter

    We're all so grateful you're here to explain what's edgy and current.

  • Dao

    GrueHunter I wish I could like your comment twice.

  • scificyan

    It could be a dude in there for all we know.

  • Wait....are there HOLES in that suit? Curious lol

  • Bubbubsky

    Okay, that's hysterical. She's awesome. He's lucky.

  • Classy Niggur

    GW, you need to go take a nice long cold shower my dude.

  • Enkidu98

    Face Down, Tail Up that how we know she wants to f&*%

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Damn furries...

  • Mark

    wouldn't that be "Damn Scalies"?

    ( I wanted to go with "skinnies" since dinosaurs had skin, but it just didn't resonate)

  • Bubbubsky

    Featheries? It depends on the dino.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Bah, you can identify yourself by whatever you want my dear snowflake. =P

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