McDonald's Japan Introduces The Pikachu McFlurry

July 12, 2017


This is the Pikachu inspired McFlurry coming to McDonald's in Japan on July 14th. The fattening treat consists of vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate and banana, designed to resemble Pikachu's facial coloration. But what about his red cheeks? How about adding some cherry or strawberry? This is an outrage, I am outraged. Unfortunately, the treat will not be available outside of Japan, not that it matters, because I assume Japan is the only country with ice cream machines that aren't allegedly broken all the time anyways.

Thanks to Sam The Slammer, who agrees the best McFlurry flavor has been and always will be going to get a Dairy Queen Blizzard instead.

  • Dao

    Semi-related: we went on a mission a while ago to order horrible McFlurrys. Ordered a Pickle McFlurry, was pretty gross. A Sweet And Sour Sauce McFlurry didn't taste too bad, but the best one was a Cheeseburger Patty And French Fry McFlurry. That one actually tasted pretty good!

  • TheFunkyChicken

    Q: why should you never ever undress in front of Pokémon?

    Cause they might Pikachu

  • Shooting Thepast

    They left out his cheeks in case he causes another epilepsy epidemic.

  • Unless it's made with real puréed Pikachu, I'm not interested.

  • Jenness


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