Mattel Releasing Justice League Wonder Woman And Mera Barbie Dolls

July 20, 2017


Because that money isn't going to print itself, Mattel has just announced a line of Justice League Barbie dolls. Each doll costs around $45 and so far the collection includes Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman and Diana versions, as well as Hippolyta, Antiope and pilot Steve Trevor) and Mera, Aquaman's wife and queen of Atlantis. Obviously, I'm going to get them all for my Wonder Woman-loving niece and finally earn that 'World's Greatest Uncle' coffee mug I bought myself. *checks bank account* Plan B: pretend I forgot her birthday again.

Keep going for shots of the other dolls available.




Thanks to Livvy, for promising to lend me $45 so I could still buy one. "I never said that." Come on, a child's happiness depends on it!

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