Insurance Scammers Fake Moped Accident, Don't Realize Driver Has Dashcam

July 17, 2017


This is an all-too-common video of two monster pieces of worthlessness trying to pull an insurance scam on a lady by pretending she hit the one of them riding a moped with her car. The friend immediately comes running over taking pictures while Mr. Moped limps around grabbing his back until the lady tells them she has a dashcam, at which point he's suddenly all better and they take off. Personally, I wouldn't have told them about the cam and played along until the authorities arrived, then suddenly remembered I caught the whole thing on tape. Also, I noticed in the video they blurred the license plate on the moped, so hopefully they used it to apprehend these two dickbags and restore balance to the universe.

Keep going for the video while I daydream about sending these two on well deserved trip to the hospital if they'd tried this with me. Tire iron, tire iron!

Thanks to Jody, who agrees some people deserve to get hit by cars.

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