If Rocket League Was A 1998 Video Game Made For The Original Playstation

July 26, 2017


This is a video reimagining if Rocket League was a 1998 video game released for the original Playstation. Were the graphics really that awful for the Playstation? Those look more like Sega Genesis graphics to me. I actually only played Rocket League for the first time at a buddy's house (that's right -- I have a buddy) a few weeks ago, and I have to admit: I wasn't very good at it. Sure all the shit-talking was fun, but I couldn't score a goal to save my life. I blame lag. "You just suck." Come on, mom! "And he doesn't have a buddy, I bought him the game so he'd stop crying." Please stop, I'm begging you.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Rank, who wants to see a Game Boy version.

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