I Am Into This: Conceptual Dinosaur Skeleton LEGO Kits

July 7, 2017


These are the conceptual 'Natural History Museum' dinosaur skeleton LEGO sets proposed by LEGO Ideas contributor Mukkinn. They include a brachiosaurus, dilophosaurus, plesiosaurus, stegosaurus and triceraptops. If you like them you can vote to have them considered for production on the LEGO Ideas website HERE. Personally, I think they're great. They look like they're just the right amount of fun to build, educational, and relatively inexpensive to purchase. Plus they won't take up too much space on my office desk. Or in my rump. "What, what?" Rumpus room -- they won't take up too much space in my rumpus room. "That's not what you said." You didn't let me finish. Just kidding of course I meant rump I need toys to play with in jail.

Keep going for a closeup of each.








Thanks to Daniel L, who agrees these should all be required building for grade school science students.

  • Karnie

    The best part is... the heads are easily changeable when they discover they've gotten them all wrong again.

  • Rhys Ewing

    Hate to be that guy, but a plesiosaurus isn't a dinosaur...

  • Matti

    Hows that? other era or something?

  • Rhys Ewing

    To do with skeletal structure. Dinosaur skeletons are similar to modern birds, while plesiosaur's were closer to modern reptiles.

  • @Gouki_in_Japan

    Then what is it?

  • Rhys Ewing

    It's a Plesiosaur. Just as a Tricerotops is a Dinosaur, a Plesiosaurus is a Plesiosaur. That's the Clade it belongs to. :)

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