Freediver Jumps To Bottom Of World's Deepest Pool (40m) In A Single Breath

July 14, 2017


In the human body is a truly amazing machine news, this is a video of French freediver Guillaume Néry casually dropping to the the bottom of the world's deepest swimming pool in a single breath. The Y40 pool in Italy (previously written about when it was completed back in 2014 HERE) is the world's deepest, with a central well 40 meters (~131-feet) deep. Obviously, it's not your typical backyard swimming pool and was designed specifically for diving practice. Of course the video ends with Guillaume reaching the bottom but never shows him surface so I can only assume he died down there, RIP Aquaboy. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go fish my drunk uncle out of the pool with a leaf skimmer. "What's the speargun for?" I modded it with tranq darts in case he tries to fight back. "Why would he?" Well if it's anything like last time, he's convinced he's a merman and will die out of water.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who claims he can swim faster because he doesn't have body hair to cause drag. Who's trying to swim fast? I just want to float around the pool on a donut raft.

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