Found My New Hobby: Guy Competing In Thailand Knife Cutting Competition

July 5, 2017


This is a video of a contestant competing in the 2017 Thailand Knife Cutting Competition. He uses a single-handed blade to chop a board, some rope, a couple balls, a really thin stick, and some plastic bottles. That knife seems pretty legit. Thankfully, he has it attached to his wrist via a lanyard so he doesn't accidentally kill a judge. Still, I was a little disappointed with the turnout for the competition. If somebody told me there was going to be some sort of knife-wielding contest nearby I would be camping out for days before just to make sure I got a good seat. Everyone here seems like they were just walking by and happened to stop to see what was going on. That makes me sad. And you know what happens when I get sad. "You lock yourself in your room and cry until your mom knocks on the door to check on you and you tell her to go away even though you really just want somebody to talk to." Why's growing up have to be so hard?

Keep going for the video. My favorite was the slice the straw portion of the contest.

Thanks to Davey, who agrees there should be way more knife swinging competitions across the globe.

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