Fireworks!: Power Lines Go Nuts Arcing And Sparking

July 7, 2017


This is a video from some power lines across the street from a Popeyes Chicken (I love your red beans & rice!) in London, Ontario, Canada, after a minivan struck a utility pole (visible right below the fireworks show). In the videographer's own words while I crunch the numbers to figure out how hard I'm gonna need to hit the utility pole across the street with my neighbor's stolen Camry to do the same thing:

"I was driving down Wellington road in London and witnessed the van take out the hydro pole. About 30 mins later this happened."

Electricity: it's nuts. SAD FACT: Did you know if you break the prongs off of an electrical cord in an outlet you should NOT try to fish them out with a salad fork? My Uncle Mitch learned that the hard way. Now it's my responsibility to go feed him on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and sometimes on Sunday for breakfast. He can't say much, but the look in his eyes when I come at him after rubbing my socks on the carpet speaks volumes.

Keep going for the whole video, but the real show is at the end.

Thanks to Hannibal, who couldn't afford fireworks this year so he just flew a handful of mylar balloons into a power line, which I know absolutely nothing about and nobody else should try.

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