Dark Legacy, An Impressive Star Wars Fan Film Focusing On The Sith

July 11, 2017


This is Dark Legacy, a ten-minute (excluding credits) Star Wars fan film focusing on the Sith. Overall I thought the production value and watchability were pretty high, but the video is super dark and there's a glare on my computer so it may have just been an entirely black screen with dialogue. Just kidding, I saw lightsabers. It really is worth a watch if you have the time, particularly on the clock (head to a bathroom stall with your phone if your company blocks Youtube). That way when you get home from work and your roommate or significant other asks how your day was you can tell them it sucked, but at least you stuck it to the man for ten minutes and got paid to watch a Star Wars fan film. That's not too shabby. My work clothes? They're so shabby two different people gave me dollars while I was waiting for the bus this morning. I was going to return them but decided I'll chug a forty on my lunch break instead.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Davey and thekevbot, who both agreed it's nice to see something from the Sith point of view for a change. Right? The Force is supposed to be all about balance.

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