Cycflix, A Homemade Exercise System That Requires You To Pedal To Stream Netflix

July 28, 2017


This is a video demonstration of engineering student Ronan Byrne's Cycflix, an exercise system that requires a user to pedal a stationary bike a predetermined minimum speed in order to keep a Netflix title streaming. Ronan used an Arduino Nano to connect his exercise bike to his PC and make all the magic happen. And by magic happen I mean I thought watching Netflix was supposed to be my time to unwind and relax, not work out. I want to be under a blanket with a huge bowl of popcorn, some jalapeno nachos, a couple chili-cheese hotdogs, and a two-liter of orange or grape soda. Oooh -- and a variety pack of full-size candy bars. AND A BABE. And some snacks for her too.

Keep going for the video. Instructable to build your own if you're a masochist HERE.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the best thing to do while watching Netflix is the opposite of exercise.

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