Aww: Vet Finds Turtle Whose Shell She Repaired Wandering In The Woods Years Later

July 7, 2017


This is a shot of a turtle whose shell a veterinarian at Hocking Hills Animal Clinic In Ohio repaired with fiberglass years ago after it was hit by a car. When the turtle recovered, she released it into the woods near her home. And earlier this week she stumbled across her old patient! How about that! FULL DISCLOSURE: the turtle was full grown at the time of the repair so its shell wasn't growing anymore, this is not recommended for a younger turtle whose shell is still growing because it can cause shell deformation if not removed/replaced. Happy endings. You know I got hit by a car once but they ran and I didn't have insurance so now I walk with a limp and it feels like lightning bolts are traveling up my leg whenever it's going to rain. That's why I moved to southern California -- because it rarely rains. Plus, you know... "You wanted to get into p0rn." I have a knack for set design.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees it's always nice to run into old friends. Especially ones whose lives you saved because now they owe you.

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