ATARI Selling Hats With Speakers In The Brim

July 20, 2017


This is the ATARI Speakerhat, an upcoming Bluetooth enabled baseball cap with two Audiowear "high quality" speakers in the brim. Honestly, I'm kind of into it. But mostly because I bike a lot and don't like having earbuds in because I feel like I might not hear something, like the car about to hit me. "Atari also promises 'a fundamentally new social audio experience' with Multiplayer Mode." Multiplayer Mode allows multiple hats to all connect to the same Bluetooth connection so you can all pump the same song. Awesome, now I just need another friend with a Speakerhat. Although, if we're being honest, I'd even settle for a friend without a Speakerhat. I just need a friend. "I'm your friend, GW." No, you tried to kill me. "It was for your own good." You're right, and I promise not to fight back next time.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Alan, who just duct taped a regular Bluetooth speaker to the side of his head like a(n) (ab)normal person.

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