Google Maps: Guy Mowed Giant 'A-HOLE' In Yard To Spite Neighbor

July 13, 2017


This is a Google Maps view of the giant 'A-HOLE' that Sequim, Washington resident Brian Jules mowed into his lawn after a disagreement with a neighbor. Apparently the quarrel started when Brian Zechenelly built a home next door and painted the entire thing purple (picture below), a color that makes Brian's blood boil. Me? My blood is predominately coal tar, so it's super hard to make it boil. "You stabbed a coworker just this morning." I can't stand his handwriting.

at least two dozen neighbors hated the color so much, they created a petition against it.

The petition requested relief from their property taxes from Clallam County Assessor Pam Rushton, as they claimed their homes' values were being undercut by the tall, purple building.

'I call it the purple people-eater,' Brian's daughter, Brianna Juel, told The Peninsula Daily News

Brian seemingly despised the lavender color and the 'polluted views' of it from his property.

'This has become the focal point of the community,' he told the newspaper. 'I know people have every right to build whatever they want. But it affects others.'

Oh, passive-aggressiveness. Honestly, I don't care what color a neighbor paints their house, because I guarantee no matter what it's going to be my house that's driving down property values in the area. Now, the way I see it, there's only one fair way to settle this: whoever burns the other's house down first is declared the winner and has the right to stay. I get to be president of the neighborhood watch though.

Keep going for a closeup and a shot of the purple house.



Thanks to blue16, who agrees revenge is a dish best served piping hot. Then again cold for a midnight snack.

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