Airplane Luggage Just Falling On The Tarmac

July 27, 2017

This is a short gif created by Redditor TwoPointZero_gpa (still better than I did freshman year) of United just letting his flight's luggage fall onto the tarmac at Chicago O'Hare Airport. Honestly, based on the condition of my suitcases, I'm surprised they're even treated this nicely. I always assumed there was some sort of steamroller or rock crushing machine involved.

Thanks to Ramon, who only brings a carry-on and buys everything else he needs when he gets where he's going. I like your style.

  • Tatiana K

    Yeah, as someone who works in the airport, I'm not surprised in the least by this. The way some of the baggage carts whip around on the tarmac, luggage falls off all the time and just gets left there.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    They just needed room on the flight for some United employee's luggage. Read your ticket, treating luggage this way is 100% legal if the luggage doesn't leave the flight voluntary.

  • David

    I used to have a tan suitcase. When I would fly and check it, it would always be covered with big black boot prints.

  • Irina Abramovich

    Hi David,

    Sorry, that was me. I was pretending your tan suitcase was afterooster's wife.

    <3 Thomas

    Hubree: You're my favorite baby kitten who likes to eat pickles.=)
    Irina: Let's get our wedding vows renewed soon!!

  • David

    Well this was obviously all the passengers fault.

  • Irina Abramovich

    David, hi, I was going to say that some of the fault lays on the suitcase.

    <3 Thomas

    Hubree: Big kitten kisses to you.=)
    Irina: Let's have a threesome with my favorite exotic fish, then ask for all the rest of them to join in.=)

  • Xockszky

    oh this is nothing. You should see how they handle luggage when the passengers aren't looking! Also, greyhound buses, and especially packages you buy on eBay. Just make sure it's packed well, and take outrageously breakable things in your carry-on luggage. (and don't bring gigantic suitcases as your carry on luggage like a lot of people enjoy doing, then they try to ram them into the overhead compartment, and then they take up so much room you're left holding your luggage on your lap for 8 hours.)

  • Jenness

    I knew it!

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    this is oddly relaxing to watch

  • sizzlepants

    Yeah, I just wish we had closure on the centipede of suitcases following Blue's leap of faith..

  • FearlessFarris

    Gotta be Chicago. The employees at OHare could give two shits about their jobs.

  • Geekologie

    it was I will update the article to reflect that

  • Irina Abramovich


    I <3 Geekologie!!!!!! But another post about machine failures could be a telling sign about Geekologie's true motives about robot invasion and it's ultimate destruction. Just joking!!!!!

    <3 Thomas

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