290 Hours: Timelapse Of A Lifesize LEGO Thor Being Built

July 27, 2017


These are a couple shots and a timelapse of a lifesize LEGO Thor being constructed by a group of LEGO master builders for display at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, to promote the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film. It took them a grand total of 290 man-and-woman hours to complete. For reference, that's longer than it takes a woman to carry a baby full-term. "You really suck at math." *shrug* I really suck at a lot of things.

Keep going for a shot of the rear (I thought his cape was most impressive) and the Facebook timelapse (turn HD on if it's not, and keep your volume low).


Thanks to hairless, who never knew glue and hammers were such important tools of LEGO masterbuilding.

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