WTF?!: Guy Wakes Up On Plane To Kid Pulling His Leg Hair

June 15, 2017


Because flying doesn't suck enough already, this is a video from Youtuber Christiano Ochoa of the young Vietnamese boy sitting in front of him on a plane who woke him up from a nap by playing with his leg hair. This is exactly why you have to watch your kids while traveling. The last time I flew I had a boy behind me who wouldn't stop kicking my seat until I turned around to ask his mother to make him stop and she said she didn't realize what he was doing, even though he was sitting in her lap. There was also a kid in front of me blaring the audio from their portable media player, which a stewardess eventually made the family turn down, but not before the kid's mom debated "Is it really that loud?" despite the fact I'd already memorized all the dialogue from at least two episodes of VeggieTales. Then we crash landed in the ocean, which was all sharks and no mermaids. Did I mention I hate flying?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees leg hair can be pretty mesmerizing.

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