Whatever Works: Panasonic's Deodorizing Coat Hanger

June 28, 2017


This is Panasonic's MS-DH100 'Nanoe X' electronic deodorizing coat hanger scheduled for release in Japan this September. The $180 hanger uses negatively charged ions to remove odors like cigarette smoke or sweat from garments. Unfortunately, it takes a minimum of five hours to complete a cycle, making it impractical to use as a quick fix for a smelly shirt before a date. And that's when you just douse yourself with cologne and hope for the best. *later, at dinner* What do you mean I smell like a Sephora store exploded?! Yeah well when you got in the car your legs rubbing on the vinyl seat made it sound like you farted. Haha -- I was already thinking of nicknames! I'll just pay and leave.

Thanks to vishal, who agrees there's nothing more deodorizing than fire.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Sincere question... Is this for real or is it a placebo?

  • The_Wretched

    Is this a real life or just a fantasy? Will it work if the clothes is caught in a land slide or a fan at sea?

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