What Sorcery Is This?: Magnetic Drill Can Turn Screws Inside Pieces Of Wood To Create Invisible Joints

June 14, 2017

These are a couple video demonstrations (one very short, one much longer and way more in-depth) of the Lamello Invis MX magnetic drill ($565 on Amazon HERE). It uses magic to screw specially designed screws into specially designed bolts hidden inside two pieces of wood to create invisible joints. "I've got an invisible joint right here." Awesome, and I've got an invisible lighter, let's blaze it up and get expelled from invisible school.

Keep going for the videos.

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Thanks to Thonger, who connects wood the really old fashioned way: planting two trees next to each other and waiting for them to grow together.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Working magnetic screwdriver: CHECK!

    Working sonic screwdriver: CHECK, PLEASE!

  • Allen

    Video from 2011

  • Doog

    Time to hook one up to a secret switch in my book shelf that releases a hinged doorway to my panic room.

  • Big McLargehuge

    Fuckin' magnets; how do they work?

  • DC Madman

    Looks like a glued dowel with more steps and expense.

  • ShadowGryphon

    That is pretty much what I was thinking.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    Ha, ha, ha! cookies on dowels...

  • kodama

    The video is strangely unsettling.

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