Well That Sucks: Video Of A Guy Crashing His $35,000 R/C Jet Plane

June 6, 2017


This is a video of a guy crashing his alleged $35,000 custom-built twin turbine R/C jet plane. The video says it's 1/3 scale but it looks like it's actually smaller than that. Kind of like how my Tinder profile says I'm 6' 1" but when I show up for a date I'm actually 5'2" and wearing ski boots. Wait -- where are you going? "Your whole profile is a lie." I didn't lie about my eye color! "You said they were brown with red laser beams." God, you're right, I don't deserve companionship.

Keep going for the crash and burn.

Thanks to Rifter, who agrees any R/C plane that costs $35,000 better be able to carry a human.

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